Frequently Asked Questions

1.Do I need a prescription to purchase medicine from the Medicine Center

NO. Prescription may accelerate the process of customs clearance.


2.     How long does delivery take?

Standard international shipping takes about 7 to 20 business days. Shipping to China usually take 7 to 14 business days. Unavoidable incident such as politic incident, extreme weather may result delay.

We sincerely suggest recipient and patient should the same person, if not, China Customs may require the proof and relationship.

The address of your company is Not preferred, we receive some complaint from China customer that EMS courier will not call them if the shipping address is company address.


3.     How to ensure medicine in Medicine center is authentic?

The manufacture, trade and distribution of fake or illicit medicine in India is serious pharmaceutical crime. There is no report of pharmaceutical crime of Medicine Center from 1991.


4.   How to identify the authenticity of medicine?

Firstly, purchase medicine from legal pharmacy, not from unauthorized intermediate. Secondly, choose and check the brand of medicine carefully.

5.     How about the medicine from BEACON Pharmaceuticals.


The quality of medicine from Beacon Pharmaceuticals is brilliant, according to the report of customers. However, there is lots of fake Beacon medicine in unlawful market. You can identify the authenticity of medicine by access the official website of Beacon Pharmaceuticals


6.   How about Incepta Pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh?

Incepta Pharmaceuticals is a lawful Pharmaceuticals firm in Bangladesh. Osicent 80mg of Incepta is very cheap. However, the quality of Osicent 80mg of Incepta is unstable.



7.     What is the usual fake medicine?

Medicine from Lucius pharmaceutical firm is fake. 

The registration information, location, board, contact information can’t be identified.


Caprane Pharmaceutical

We never hear of Caprane Pharmaceutical since we start our business.




KASO Pharmaceutical

There no information of KASO Pharmaceutical in the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs.


EVEREST Pharmaceutical

We never hear of EVEREST Pharmaceutical since we start our business.

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